Hey it’s Andrew, and this is Safety on Tap!

On the 13th of May 2022, I had the extraordinary experience of spending a few hours in a virtual event with Safety on Tap listeners from around the world to celebrate 200 episodes of the Safety on Tap podcast. 

This is a podcast, but it’s more than that, it’s a community, and I wanted to celebrate with you. 

We spent weeks getting your feedback on favourite episodes, most impactful lessons, questions for guests coming back, and combing through years of feedback and emails you’ve been kind enough to send me. 

This is the recording of that live event, if you couldn’t make it I’m sorry to have missed you, but hope you feel just as much a part of this community. 

We had a few technical issues with the recording in the first few minutes, so I’ll catch everyone up on how it all unfolded.

We recorded the event in my home studio, which is in Kaurna country in South Australia.  We had guests joining us from all over the world, and we paid our respects to the traditional custodians of those lands and to elders past, present, and emerging. 

I was chuffed to have a previous guest and friend of the show Amanda Clements join as my co-host for the event. 

The event was in FIVE main parts:

  1. First up I shared a few reflections on the beginning of Safety on Tap
  2. Next, we created some time and space for the live audience members to connect with each other.  I’ll tell you more about that in a few minutes. 
  3. Next, we lined up some rapid interviews with previous podcast guests based on your favourites and your questions. 
  4. After that, despite my protests, Amanda insisted that she would turn the mic around and interview me with questions sent in by you, and
  5. Finally, we put a handful of real-life everyday listeners just like you in the spotlight, to hear their lessons, reflections, and insights from 200 episodes of Safety on Tap. 

There’s only so much we could do in two hours, and we had so many past guests in the audience that if we spoke to all of them we’d have been there all day! Plus many more who sent their good wishes but couldn’t make it.  So, massive shout out to Tim Allred, Cam Stevens, Sue Bahn, Patrick Hudson, Todd Conklin, John Green, David Borys, Sal McMahon, Kersty Christensen, Andy White, Cam Warren, Clive Lloyd, Mark Stipic, and my one and only, past guest and Dad, Brian Barrett. 

We co-designed the event for and with you, the listener, combining the three big goals of a Chief Connector like me: to connect you with new ideas, to connect you with each other, and to connect you with your better future self.  Learning, and taking action to improve.  This was not a webinar so the chat was free and open, and we had the audience talking to each other in the chat and asking questions of previous guests – no permission required, just simple and open learning through dialogue and reflection, it was amazing.  

If you were there, I hope this helps reinforce your learning.  If you weren’t, I’m sorry you couldn’t be with us, I hope this is the next best thing.

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