Do you ever feel like you want different results, but you’re still doing the same thing? Do you ever feel a bit lost or alone on your professional journey?

Do you want to grow yourself, and drastically improve health and safety along the way?


You’re in the right place.

Welcome, to the

Safety on Tap Podcast.


I’m Andrew Barrett, some people call me Baz (feel free to!).  I am that guy – wanting to make a dent in the world, always keen to grow myself.  I only got that sporadically, but when I did I was refreshed and recharged.  I was more positive, I think I took more effective action, and I definitely felt more rewarded in my job.

But it’s difficult to get that as much as I would like, with so many competing demands.

Apparently I’m not alone. 

So Safety on Tap was born – where I bring you interesting and inspiring people with different ideas, perspectives and stories, straight to your phone or computer, for your listening pleasure, whenever it suits you.

But this is not just about many, isolated individuals listening to the Safety on Tap podcast in the gym, during lunch, or walking the dog – no, this is a community of like-minded people.  This will enable you to connect with people, to start a conversation with the tribe of listeners.  You are not alone!

Now this isn’t just for people who have a ‘health and safety’ job.  There are so many more people involved in drastically improving health and safety – supervisors, HR professionals, business owners, health and safety reps, CEO’s, health professionals, RTW coordinators…..the list goes on.

Everyone and anyone in business has a role to play, in which we help them through the podcast.

And those people listening very closely will quickly work out that whilst our focus might link with health and safety, Safety on Tap actually helps WAY beyond health and safety – personal effectiveness, business strategy, people leadership, innovation and creativity….keep your ears, and your mind, open!

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About Andrew (Baz)

I’m a dad and a husband, and I enjoy enjoying life.  I’m the Chief Change Agent at Fidesa.  We help businesses and individuals through change, in particular health and safety improvement.

My mission is to help those needing the most help – small and medium businesses, to share with them a drastically different, simple and practical approach to health and safety.  I’m disrupting how traditional health and safety services are delivered in that space.

I love working with teams, and individuals (usually those working in health and safety), guiding them through a journey of improvement.  Facilitator, coach, mentor.  That’s me!

And I speak (a lot, some might say).  I share insights, tips and stories to bigger audiences as an engaging, effective and economical way to support growing people, and drastically improving health and safety along the way.

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