How many YES’s do we need to make a change successful?

Here’s part of a chat thread I had with a health and safety senior leader.    

What do you think this leader is talking about? 

That’s right, this is about a change.  

“…my first implementation…”

The first one of anything is scary. 

Because you are making an imaginary thing become real. 

Theory intro practice.

This conversation was about learning teams but the lesson applies to any change.  

We talk about needing four things to successfully start learning teams:

– sign up

– show up

– fill up, and

– follow-up. 

Sign-up is what this leader is talking about.  We get the ‘approvals’ or ‘support’ or ‘sponsorship’ to get started. 

If we don’t plan this well, and not get the right YES’s from the right people….our first implementation (of anything new) might also be the last.

We burn the opportunity. 

And guess what?

This leader isn’t doing another learning team anytime soon. 

The purpose of introducing anything new is NOT to have it perfect first time.  In fact, the results you get might not even be great, just average, nothing to write home about.  

The ONE SINGLE UNIVERSAL purpose of introducing anything is to create the conditions so the right people say “yes, let’s do that again”.  

That’s how starting something once turns into real change. 

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