Last episode, (#39 with Carlo Capponecheia) was all about an elephant in the room – psychosocial risk.  Poorly understood, seemingly complicated, often this is put in the ‘ignore basket’, or the ‘too hard basket’, or the ‘that’s HR’s problem to deal with’ basket.  Far from a criticism of all of us working in health and safety (me included), it was a reflection on how what got us here (in terms of our knowledge and our experience) won’t help us get to where we need to go.  I personally got a lot out of the interview with Carlo as I sought to improve my understanding, and then to explore what I implore you to do every week – HOW to take positive, effective and rewarding action.


This week is in a very similar vein.  Bullying you could argue is one kind of psychosocial risks, but I don’t think it fits neatly into just that category.  Nonetheless, it is a risk, it needs to be managed, and it holds great potential to bring positive change in organisations far beyond just solving a negative problem.  My guest today Catherine Mattice from Civility Partners is one of the few people I know of who specialise in bullying (hang on, that came out wrong) – whose mission is to help organisations manage the risks and the opportunities, from bullying.  Catherine welcome to the Safety on Tap Podcast:



Now we’ve spent most of today focussed on the big picture.  I want to acknowledge the  very serious and real impact bullies can have on the targets of bullying behaviour.  If you or someone you know is having a touch time and needs help, we’ve got a bunch of links to helplines and resources from around the world, so you don’t suffer alone – you can get help to work through it. Check these out: (Australia) (North America) (United Kingdom) (Europe) (Other countries)


Speaking of reflective practice, I’ve been tweaking my reflective practice framework as I’m preparing the course materials on Reflective Practice – a critical skill for leaders like you to maximise the learning from everyday experience.  That and a bunch more courses, engaging community and 1:1 coaching from yours truly will be available inside Safety on Tap Connected.  Some people have been asking what it’s all about – head over to to get on the waiting list to join – we’re opening the doors very soon, and that will be only for a very limited time.