Alanna Ball felt a little lost in health and safety, she wanted to belong to a family, a tribe.

There was no tribe for her, so she led others who were in a similar place to form a tribe: Women in Safety.  What a tribe!

Join us in the interview for a great insight into the importance of a professional family or tribe, and the opportunity for you to leverage other work-families and work-tribes to drastically improve health and safety.

We also get two FREE slices of conference-goodness, from the the 2016 South Australian Health and Safety Conference, with thanks from conference organisers Informa.  I chat on the couch with a very vivacious Professor Ian Maddocks (Australian of the Year, no less), who shares some very thought-provoking insights into the amazing opportunities, and things to consider for, ageing workforce, and John Cvetko, a client relationship manager who knows a thing or two about improving health and safety outcomes through a sharp focus on our customers.

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