This is a cheeky episode, halfway between episode 199 and episode 200, with two really short messages for you – an invitation and a request. 

First, I want you to be a part of episode 200!

In exactly the same way that phones are only as good as having people to talk to, a team is only a team because of who is part of it, and roads only exist because cars needed something to drive on, a podcast is only a podcast because of you, the listener!

I should say listeners, plural, since there are thousands of you all over the globe.  What better way to celebrate the 200th Safety on Tap podcast episode, than to get together, in realtime, so we can connect and learn and grow as a community?!

So episode 200 won’t be me pre-recording something like a regular podcast, instead, we are hosting, for the very first time, a live virtual event so the whole Safety on Tap Community can be part of the celebrations. 

And I want you to be there.  You are invited to this two-hour extravaganza, which is happening the week after this half episode comes out.  There are links to register over at

If you can’t make it OR it’s the middle of the night for you on the other side of the globe, fear not, we are recording the whole thing and that will be published as Episode 200 shortly after the live event. 

Ok so the invitation was first, and I said I also have a request of you, which really I think will help you. 

You know that Safety on Tap promotes new and sometimes scary ideas, evidence, stories, and ways of working, and we are true-to-form in creating this 200th episode live event. 

My request for you is simple: tell me what you think! In only a few minutes, I’d love you to tell me about your favourite episode or guest, your top questions for those guests (because many are coming back for this live event!), I want to hear about what you’ve learned or how you’ve improved, and you can even suggest questions to ask me because my co-host Amanda Clements will be turning the mic around and doing a short interview with me. 

It will only take a few minutes for you to share your thoughts and questions.  Head over to and you will see a big box that says Ep200 Listener Ideas.  I know you listen to many hours of this podcast, collectively hundreds of thousands of hours….and I don’t get a huge amount of feedback in comparison, seeing yours would be truly valuable to me. 

That’s it! Can’t wait to see you at our 200th episode live event, and see your feedback very soon. 

Thanks so much for listening.