After something like 9 or 10 Safety on Tap episodes specifically focussed on psychological health, mental health and illness, and psychological safety, you’ve now got a dedicated podcast to dive deep into that topic. 

Hey, it’s Andrew, and this is Safety on Tap.

Since you’re listening in, you must be a leader wanting to grow yourself and drastically improve health and safety along the way. Welcome to you, you’re in the right place. If this is your first time listening in, thanks for joining us and well done for trying something different to improve! And of course welcome back to all of you wonderful regular listeners.

Today I’m chatting with Jason van Schie, organisation psychologist, founder of FlourishDX and co-host of the Psych Health and Safety podcast. 

I’m not pretending that there are any reins to hand over so to speak, but the reason why you’ve heard so many guests on my podcast speak to this broad topic is simple.  This podcast is for leaders who want to grow themselves, like you, in order to drastically improve health and safety along the way.ade possible by our mission of enabling better learning that improves performance in your organisation.

Psych health and safety is a professional domain most of us need to develop, obviously recognising that we aren’t pretending to be psychologists.  So it ticks the ‘need for growth’ box we have in our mission.  And, as for drastic improvements in health and safety, is there any doubt in your mind that psych health and safety needs drastic improvement?

I’m glad Jason and the team are here with their podcast.  Here’s Jason:


Two takeaways to reinforce Jason’s fantastic summary at the end. 

But first, I have been helping organisations introduce and facilitate learning teams, and other kinds of modern learning practices, for quite some time, with lots of success. The success comes from the right combination of principles (which is knowing why we do something), and practices (which is the who, the what, and the how).

The trouble is that there are PLENTY of people who are really interested and excited about learning teams, for good reason, they can be awesome. Or you might be someone who is just frustrated not getting the engagement you want in risk assessments, with investigations saying the same things and not impriving much, or safety committee’s that are, frankly, shitty.

Making change can be hard, especially without a map to guide you.

This is bread and butter for me and the Safety on Tap team. We build the capability in people like you and organisations like yours to learn how to learn better, which improves performance.

We do this through things like our Learning Teams Implementation Case Study Group is a small group of people who I coach to implement learning practices inside their organisation. We have masterminds to help senior leaders embed learning strategies into their overall safety and operational strategy. I facilitate learning teams, and do some 1:1 coaching too.

But you might not be ready for any of that.

Which is why we make epic videos and webinars, so I can help you gradually learn, and grow, and get ready to take action. And if you want help to take that action, to accelerate your impact, then I’ll be here to help. But in the mean time, why not check out our most current webinar. We do these every month or so, so you can join our next one or check out the recording of the last one. Head over to to get access for free.

Here’s my takeaways from that conversation with Jason van Schie

Takeaway #1: Know where you right now to know what you need to do next.  Do the Mental Health Audit so you can create your own plan of action.

Takeaway #2: Upskill yourself.  Have a listen to the Psych Health and Safety podcast to get started. 

Thanks so much for listening.  Until next time, what’s the one thing you’ll do to take positive, effective or rewarding action, to grow yourself, and drastically improve health and safety along the way? Seeya!

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