Today I’m joined by Charles Jennings from the 702010 Institute.  As Charles tells us, he is passionate about performance, through learning.  I’ve been a fan-boy of the 702010 model for quite some time, and it has really made a profound impact on the way that I boost my performance, and they way I am able to help others – in particular, you the valued listener.  In fact, 702010 is a cornerstone design input to Safety on Tap Connected – which is our way of supporting you not just to grow, but to accelerate your growth.

I’ll tell you more about that after the chat with Charles, along with my special offer to you.   Before we begin – what does 702010 actually mean? It represents the research that suggests we learn most of what we learn in real life – 70% through experience, 20% through social exposure, and only a measly 10% of what we learn comes from education.  We’ll dig deeper on that in the discussion, so let’s go!


Here’s the links Charles mentioned, you should check these out!

Charles is speaking at this event in Sydney, 21st March 2017, 7.30am to 9.30am.

Charles 702010 Presentation (including the research findings)

The 702010 Institute has a wealth of information to help you explore the model more