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Starkers (Naked).  You know what it feels like to be really open and honest? Well, you get 100% ME in this episode, come behind the curtain as I share a bit of general reflection, about podcasting, answers to common questions I get, and a little bit about how I’m improving the podcast moving forward.


In this chat, we cover:

2:10 I confess – Podcasting wasn’t in my plan

3: 12 The magic of podcasting (you’ll be surprised with what I think)

4:34 What we can learn from the grass not being greener on the other side

8:49 What I actually do apart from hosting Safety on Tap

10:56 Show respect to people through preparation

12:38 The skill of asking questions

15:26 Collaboration: A recipe for success

19:08 Co-opetition vs competition

21:52 Reflecting on the National Safety Convention

23:34 Innovation through reverse thinking – Less safety on this podcast

24:36 Tell me who you want to hear interviewed and I’ll make it happen

26:55 Shout-out to a few listeners for their feedback


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