Grenade throwers.

You know them.

(Real people, with metaphorical grenades)

The people in your organisation who have a tendency, even a reputation to disrupt.

They throw grenades because they object, challenge or undermine things publicly, in groups.

And they throw grenades at a distance from the real issues, often under-informed, not engaged in any meaningful dialogue or constructive improvement.

They are grenade throwers.

One particular grenade thrower was concerning a member of our learning teams implementation case study group.

Shaun knew the learning team he planned should include our grenade-wielding trouble-maker…and this was a legitimate cause for concern.

Learning teams are designed to create so much space that it would be an open invitation for Mr Grenade.

Trusting the process, Shaun was ready for shrapnel, and instead was surprised by something else entirely.

There were no grenades thrown. In fact no sign of grenades.

To say Shaun was surprised is an understatement.

The lesson?

Learning teams feel scary, because you know the starting point, but not the middle or the end.

You know dialogue creates learning, but it also opens up opportunity for trouble.

Learning which is guaranteed, and anticipated trouble which almost never materialises.


Andrew ‘Grenade Diffuser’ Barrett

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