Dave Wild

International Futurist, Innovator, Strategist

Andrew Barrett

Global podcaster, speaker & growth coach


Continual learner, performance obsessed, curious

Tuesday 20th February 2018.  

10am to 4pm.  

Tank Stream Labs, Sydney


If you’re a future-focused leader looking to lead innovative change, inspire and energise your people, while adapting to shifts in technology and the world of work, Think like a Futurist rapidly provides the insights and tools you need.

In a fast-changing environment today’s leaders need new ways of working, otherwise they risk falling behind the expectations and working habits of the next-generation workforce. At the same time a new leadership counter-trend is emerging, where the ability to reflect deeply and mindfully is needed to gain clarity amongst the noise.

Think like a Futurist has been designed to achieve both. To combine fast-paced learning with the space to reflect and gain deep insight from other leaders. So in just one day you’ll develop renewed vision and focused energy for the year ahead, combined with leading-edge skills to collaborate and lead with agility.


The future belongs to those ready to create it. With minds open enough to discover new possibilities, yet focused enough to have a greater impact on the world around us. Sounds like you? Welcome to Think like a Futurist.

While business has led many to believe that leadership results are best achieved through analysis, process and measurement alone, great leaders know that’s only half the picture.

That making a real difference requires a new way of leading. Where you inspire others through your vision of the future. Challenging the status quo. Collaborating across boundaries. Turning future possibilities into new realities.

This is not the stuff of Silicon Valley, or funky start-ups with bean-bags and X-box consoles strewn around the office.  

Thinking like a futurist, and actions to create that reality, is emerging as one of the critical skills required for success in business.  

Needless to say, the 'work' of health and safety isn't known for being the most forward-thinking, innovative, or engaging.  But we can become open new ways of thinking and professional practice so we truly positively impact the way work is done - health and safety being one of those outcomes.  

If you want to know how to be relevant in the future, you need to think and act like a futurist.  Get ready to accelerate your performance, and future-proof yourself.  

“Dave is a high energy and thought-provoking futurist. He has an engaging style and is adept at using clear frameworks to help clients become proficient at visioning for future customer needs, innovation and rapid design prototyping. I have had direct experience with Dave’s facilitation at leadership and team days and would not hesitate to do so again.”
— Mark Wilkshire
Group Manager Marketing


You are curious, probably restless, and maybe even a little excitable.   

You are focussed on health and safety as an outcome of work, so have your mind open about how exactly you and your organisation achieve that goal.  

Or at least you have the potential to get there with a little direction, encouragement, and a dose of bravery.  

You think and act like a leader, irrespective of your title or pay grade.  You aren't afraid of hard work, and are ready to reflect on where YOU can improve.  

Your morning will be amongst some of the coolest and most innovative people in the country from start-ups, established businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs.  

Your afternoon will be amongst your professional peers going deep - the backdrop being a focus on improving work health and safety by improving your own professional capability.  


No one likes going to a party alone.  And change, well that's ALWAYS better when you have a partner-in-crime, a team-mate, a sponsor.  Or maybe you want to develop someone, to give them space and ideas and energy to grow into their better self. 

So bring one of them along, and make your learning experience and what you make happen back at work, so much more effective.  

Your facilitators are: 

Dave Wild

Think like a Futurist is the original creation of  Dave Wild, a Futurist who works with Executive Leadership Teams, Boards, Digital Leaders and high potential leadership groups. 

Dave has led workshops in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. Unique to his approach is a futurist focus on the new, which he applies when facilitating strategy sessions and coaching innovation workshops for clients such as The Warehouse, Kiwibank and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise.

Andrew Barrett

Andrew is always pushing boundaries - of leaders in health & safety, of his own health and safety practice, and of ways that we can create better learning for better performance. 

Andrew is a professional and executive coach, and leads the growth accelerator Safety on Tap Connected. He spreads ideas, motivation and action through regular speaking and facilitation for audiences all over the globe and clients such as Telstra, the Safety Institute of Australia and Regional Development Australia.  

“I attended a Safety Institute of Australia conference a few years ago, where I was captivated by Andrew's presentation and following this his name went to the top of my list to present at our internal Probuild Safety Conference in May 2017.  Andrew Facilitated an engaging working group presentation, sharing some 2017 approaches as to how to have a safety conversation.  The visual assets which Andrew used at the presentation were requested by out site managers, many of whom display this at their desk.  Further to the working group, Andrew participated in a thought-provoking panel discussion.  If you want to bring some professional energy to your business event and cut through the corporate mumbo-jumbo language, Andrew is the presenter for you"
— Sarah Cuscadden
Group HSE Manager


Morning - Progress Further

Think like a Futurist begins with an interactive briefing on critical trends for 2018. But it doesn’t stop there, because you’ll then learn how to accelerate your own ability to scan for trends. To go further. Faster.

However it’s one thing to identify a market shift. It’s far harder to convince others to take action as a result. So you’ll then actively apply visionary leadership techniques to challenge the status quo, inspiring others to take action.

Frameworks used throughout the day will help you structure the ideas you learn,  contextualise them for your own situation, and apply them in practice.  

Results: You’ll gain fresh insight into the latest leadership trends and shifts. More importantly you’ll learn how to discover and track trends for yourself – with a focus on covering more ground in less time. You’ll also develop your leadership capability to present and share these insights in a way that rises above the noise, inspiring your team and organisation into action.  You'll have the opportunity to network BEYOND the normal health and safety people, so the results of those introductions, stories and connections....imagine what you make of them!  

Early Afternoon - Explore Beyond

Think like a Futurist is designed as a multi-part experience so that you will learn by absorption, then learn by applying what you've absorbed, and from the group of peers around you.  

The session begins by sharing lunchtime reflections, then moves into active coaching across a wide range of idea generation tools. These range from brainstorming and design thinking techniques, through to more advanced innovation methods involving serendipity and experimentation.

Instead of focusing on a singular vision of the future, learn to develop double vision – with one view on inspiring and guiding business as usual, the other focused on leading business as unusual

Results: You’ll be able to lead more effective and energising brainstorms. You’ll also have new capabilities across a much broader range of creative leadership techniques. These will include insight techniques used to design customer-centred solutions.

Late Afternoon - Accelerate Forward

The value of any leadership development investment depends on the actual impact it has back in the workplace. With this in mind the last phase of Think like a Futurist is highly focused on moving new ideas into action.

This involves learning how to adapt innovation techniques, such as rapid prototyping and minimum viable product, to leadership development. You’ll also learn how to use cloud-based collaboration platforms like Slack and Yammer as leadership tools to achieve greater reach and impact.

By developing a Leap Mindset you’ll accelerate progress and achieve higher impact outcomes

Results: You’ll learn how to accelerate the rate of moving new ideas into action for yourself as a leader. You’ll develop advanced leadership skills for collaborating digitally and in person. As a future-focused leader you’ll also have new capabilities for energising and accelerating your organisation’s rate of innovation.

“Dave challenged us to move our modes of thinking towards longer-term future possibilities and away from just the obvious and immediate. Dave’s impact on our organisation has been profound. We have aimed to develop a more free-thinking, creative approach to problem-solving and really try to continuously imagine what the future could look like and determine how Bluelab will evolve and thrive in that future state.”
— Greg Jarvis
Chief Executive


Tank Stream Labs is one of Australia’s leading breeding grounds for technology entrepreneurs, thought leaders and early adopters. In 2017, Tank Stream Labs won best Best Co-working Space in Australia at the inaugural Fintech Awards. Our community are the future tech leaders in Australia with global aspirations.  

Tank Stream Labs provide the facilities and infrastructure to take care of all the little things so that you can focus on the big things, like making your learning a success.  

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