Hi, I'm Andrew Barrett and I help health and safety professionals just like you accelerate your career.  

My mission in life is to help people like you make a bigger difference, enjoy your work more, be happier, and get more out of your career.  

Time for something new?

You may have heard about Safety on Tap Connected.  We are no longer accepting new members for SoTC.  

But you didn't come here for specifically for that, right? 

See if this story resonates with you.  

A person goes into a hardware store.  The retail assistant eagerly wanted to know what product the customer is looking for.  

The person seems to need a drill bit.  Probably 6mm.  'We have them!' thinks the eager assistant, and starts the process of selling the drill bit.  

What neither of these people probably realise, is that this situation has nothing to do with the drill bit.  

The customer doesn't need a drill bit.  They need a hole.  For a wall plug.  For a hook.  To hang a picture.  

A picture of their wedding day.  Because they just got married and moved into a new house.  

And a picture on the wall, will make their partner happy.  

They don't want a drill bit, they want their partner to be happy.  

(And all the while, the retail assistant is still focussed on the drill bit).  

You didn't come here for Safety on Tap Connected.  

You came here for the RESULTS you hoped it would help you achieve.  

We can still make that happen. 

If you still want the results.  

Send me an email to, with the subject RESULT.  

Tell me about it.  There are lots of options available to you, to get your RESULTS faster.